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Kong Guochang donates blood in Zhoukou city, Central China"s Henan province.[Photo by Hu Hongtao for China Daily]

A migrant worker from Henan has donated blood more than 200 times while shuttling between construction sites in 40 cities in the last decade.

Kong Guochang, 48, from Zhoukou city, Central China"s Henan province, said he does it as he considers helping people in need a meaningful act.

Kong learnt about blood donation after he became a migrant worker in 2007, and decided to become a volunteer.

"I left home and worked in different cities. I wanted to give back to the community for helping me," Kong said.

He said the people"s response he saw when he was working in Chengdu to the earthquake in Sichuan province in 2008 impressed him the most. "Donating blood means lighting up hope," Kong said.

After that he kept an eye on blood centers wherever he went.

He proudly displays 81 certificates which have recorded his blood donations in the past 10 years, and posted the red certificates as the Chinese character Zhongguo (meaning China), to display his love for the country.

"Whenever there"s a disaster, all the Chinese people come together - this is an ingrained power rooted in all Chinese," Kong said.

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